Wednesday, December 18, 2013

S.H.S. Best of 2013

2013 was yet another incredible year for music. If this trend continues, the future as a fan and artist is looking very bright. This year, I decided to change up the format to include more releases & little to no commentary. A lot of these selections won't surprise you if you take a look at the posts throughout the year. Remember though: this will cover all genres, despite the blog's typical focus on punk, hardcore, and metal.

Year End Quickies

The fourth quarter of 2013 has had me tied up with other priorities and interests to the point where I have not been able to post or review as many great albums I have been listening to as I would like... Having just posted a massive update of short reviews based on the topic of A389 Recordings, I decided to do a similar post of shorts for other bands as well.

A389 Records Updates

If you haven't been keeping up with A389 in the fourth quarter, this post is for you...