Thursday, September 25, 2014

S.H.S. Record Review: Old Wounds - Death Projection EP

OLD WOUNDS... is a band that needs no introduction in this cult, as I have uttered their praises numerous times before. I hope you've been paying attention. Their latest release is an EP called DEATH PROJECTION, their first on Good Fight Records. It's an admirable achievement in terms of the signing, and in and of itself - there's not one weak moment on it. [Read more after the jump]

     On Dead Beat Blues, the band opens with a crunchy, bluesy riff before launching into a galloping punk beat. It's Climax? A punishing breakdown. This is one which I heard as an early stream, a wise choice for a release, as it is very accessible. The lyrics spoke to me in such a way as to remind me of the mundane, frustrating angst that one experiences during college age. Generally speaking however, anyone can relate to this struggle.

     Track two, Ritual: This is just excellent onslaught of metallic hardcore that can stand alongside all the greats I grew up with, and among the best of those who are still in the game today. Bloodpact, the next one, proves itself as the most varied and technical of the bunch, and the hardcore elements they draw from here are quite satisfying, as is the guitar solo and poignant lyrics. This is my favorite on the record.

     For the final song, Kevin's voice imparts a brutally honest proclamation... "I refuse to be trapped by a failed tradition!"  The sincerity is striking. Epilogue of a Possession has some unique variation to the Old Wounds sound, with a tiny bit of clean singing and spoken word, and a fairly long length as well.


Release info and images:
Hot pink: 150
Blood red: 250

Here is some footage of the band playing new material live via Metal Injection:

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