Thursday, May 29, 2014

S.H.S. Review: Hexis/Primitive Man 10" Split

Captivating sludge champions Primitive Man team up with Halo of Flies labelmates Hexis for an exciting 10" release.

Hexis is a new band for me, out of what seems to be a scene bursting with talent... Copenhagen, Denmark. They play a blend of hardcore and doomy black metal, according to their Facebook Page. Forming in 2010, they released a full length LP in January of this year entitled "Abalem."

Track one is cleverly called 'Excrucio,' by Hexis. Euroblasts with blackened hardcore style vocals and doom-inspired guitars start things off right, followed by a galloping sixteenth-note rhythmic feel. Hexis then begins to play akin to their release partners for a while, and it is clear why they chose to release these expressions together. A bit more than half-way through there are these pauses in which the song seems to collapse and explode, which augments its tension beautifully. This builds up a while, and comes to a climax with heavy vocals.

Primitive Man's contribution is curiously named 'When Getting High Is Not Enough,' however, as tongue-in-cheek as this may sound, the actual song is anything but. It opens with a devastatingly heavy churn and deep, coarse vocals. Before long this segment gives way to blast beats and swarming, frantic guitars. The sonic landscape at the midpoint is laden with something akin to breakdowns, and finally it closes with trudging, bleak doom riffs.

Both bands have a similar sense of buzzing trashiness to the guitar tone in common, as well as song structure. Fans of either group would appreciate the other, for sure. The record can be purchased directly from the Halo Of Flies webstore now.


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