Friday, December 28, 2012

The Top Bands I Slept On In 2012

I am only now discovering these bands exist...

Vaura - great experimental metal
Bell Witch - can I call this doomgazing? I love this.
Rival Mob - great HC band
Ash Borer - black metal band
Mutilation Rites - sick black metal from Brooklyn!
Desecresy - Finnish death metal
Merky Ace - new-ish UK Grime MC
God Seed - black metal, ex Gorgoroth
Anhedonist - excellent black metal
Hounds Of Hate - NYHC/straight edge band
Column Of Heaven - highly lauded, conceptual powerviolence

Top EPs, Splits, Demos, Tapes, ETC of 2012

10. Desaparecidos - MariKKKopa/Backsell

9. Only Living Boy - Spread Your Butter b/w Scrambled Eggs

8. Disobey cassette

7. Boddicker/Kata Sarka Split

6. Altered Boys Katorga 7"
5. Black Kites - The Last 3 Songs cassette

4. Nails/Skin Like Iron Split

3. Ugly Parts - Taste EP

2. Old Wounds II cassette

The Top 10 Full-Lengths of 2012

10. The XX - Coexsist

       -Congratulations to the XX for overcoming the hurdle of being 'just another over-hyped indie band' who fails to deliver, and is ultimately forgotten after their initial recording. They have done quite the opposite, delivering a solid, critically acclaimed follow-up LP. Having personally felt some stirrings traverse the great black chasm where my heart should be in 2012, this LP arrived just in time to capture some of those things I could not say, and it serves to comfort the savage beast as well. A perfect soundtrack for your long drive home.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

First Post - Welcome to S.H.S.

I introduce to you...wild eyes, and such holy yells.
I will unite within you the light and dark through cathartic ceremony.

I define vertigos...

Who am I?